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About the Corps Support Committee

The Corps Support Committee (CSC) functions to provide practical and financial support to the 2509 Signals Command Team and cadets. Parents of cadets form the CSC and each year elect parents to form an Executive (board) to manage the day to day business of the CSC. Through the Executive the CSC helps organize volunteers to assist with 2509 Signals projects and fund raising activities. It is also a forum where parents can receive information about the Corps and where the Commanding Officer can maintain regular contact with the parents of the Cadets.

Army Cadet League of Canada

The Army Cadet League of Canada is a civilian non-profit organization that supports the Army Cadets by working in partnership with local communities and the Canadian Forces. The League helps with the development of policies and methods for achieving the aims and objectives of the Canadian Cadet Program in general, and the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in particular.

As a registered charitable organization, the League is supported by donations and a grant from DND.   With a minimal operating budget, provided through our partnership with DND, the League employs three full-time staff at the national office and offers its support to the provincial and territorial branches, and to the volunteers involved in the Army Cadets Corps across the country.


The CSC coordinates fundraising activities to ensure that the 2509 Signals has the funding necessary to provide programs, events and activities for the cadets. Some of the activities are specific to the 2509 Signals CSC and some of the activities are fundraising is coordinated by the Army Cadet League.


Examples of our fundraising activities are:

Skip the depot Support our corps through 'Skip the Depot' where a portion of your donation will go directly to the cadet corps. Sign up today!

Casinos -  The 2509 Signals CSC organizes volunteers to work at a local casino for two days each year as a part of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) charitable gaming program. This is our primary source of fundraising.

Sales of products - During the training year the CSC will organize opportunities to purchase items from local retailers as a fundraiser for the 2509 Signals. In the past we have offered coffee, meat orders, prepared food orders (pizza, perogies) and chocolates.

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